Wednesday, July 13, 2011


One of my favorite things about my room growing up was the posters that covered the walls. On a recent visit, my dad brought a few favorites so I can enjoy them in my new home as well. It's been more than a year since I've moved in and the walls are still embarrassingly bare! (Even with all the lovely frames we received when we got married... I've got to make this a priority.)


The two old maps were my Grandpa's. I think he bought them mail-order through one of the many American history publications he subscribed to. They make me think of The Tempest. Doesn't it just blow your mind to think that Shakespeare was alive at the time the Jamestown Colony was beginning in Virginia??? They also remind me of my Grandpa, who I like to think would be proud of me.

Stonehenge will fit in nicely with the colors in the bedroom, and I'm not sure where Umbrella Guy will go. I found that poster in a craft store when I was maybe 16 and it was the COOLEST. It's still pretty cool, got to admit.

Shakespeare's Globe 1599-1999

I got this when I visited the reconstructed Globe in '99. It's my favorite.