Wednesday, July 20, 2011

1790s Working Woman's Outfit

I've fallen in with some historic interpreters, and I'll be at an event Labor Day Weekend. Because it's my first year, I'll be in the tavern.
The first layer: chemise, pockets, petticoat.

1790s bottom layer

The second layer: jacket, second petticoat.

1790s top layer 

These pictures were taken before I put the brown petticoat on a waistband (instead of a drawstring). It's a little less bulky now and hopefully long enough to cover the green skirt. According to the bossy women at the historical park, the lime-ish green isn't an appropriate color, so I might try to dye it soon.

Still to do: make cap, fichu; find shoes; find stockings.

It's not a glamorous outfit, but it's not intended to be.