Sunday, March 27, 2011

Brainstorming: Lunar Croquet


"What is this moon like? Is it a comfortable place for picnics & gardening parties or is it a rough frontier  for hardy adventurers. Is it still being explored? Should clothes be made to have the dust brushed off every night or are they made to spite the dust... and show everyone that you have enough servants to take care of your elaborate ruffles."

I'm imagining what these games of Lunar Croquet would be like before I start working on my Bitchin' Steampunk Dress and I keep coming back to the dust and colorlessness of the moon. Also, the difference between what textures and colors the moon reminds me of and what will look good photographed under convention center lighting. (Answer: mostly opposite things.)

In other news, I have a blister on the side of my middle finger from knitting. I can't tell whether I should feel like a craftin' badass or a total wimp.