Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Making the Laughing Moon corset for my Bitchin' Steampunk Outfit. It's time consuming, finger crunching work but I'm in it to win it. Or in it to... create something of quality craftsmanship and pleasing appearance. This fella helps:


It was a dollar at Busy Beaver Arts and Crafts down the street. Heaven bless Busy Beaver Arts and Crafts. They have everything you can imagine for crafts and some things you can't. The corset is coming along well, too!
Silverado in progress

Pieces set out.

Half of the Silverado pieces

Work in progress. The purple side is the outside. If I had a zipper foot for The Tank, I wouldn't have to do so much hand sewing, but c'est la vie.

But I am pretty sure I'll never be as awesome as Diary of a Mantua Maker is.