Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mystery Mondays Continued: Phase II

I haven't forgotten about The Mystery Dress!  Phase I was research and analysis, and it's time for Phase II: make a bitchin' (Yes, that's right.  It will be bitchin'.) steampunk dress from a copied (and modified) pattern.  Before I do anything though, I will make a good period corset for myself.  I've made several corsets before, but the only one I have is early 17th-century Elizabethan.  If I'm going to play Lunar Croquet, I will need some curves.  ...and boning that doesn't poke through its casing and scratch my hips like dozens of little claws all day long.  LESSON LEARNED.

I'm buying the Laughing Moon pattern because I've made it before for a show and this gem was in their "Corset FAQ":
31. I want huge masses of cleavage. What should I do?
Change your mind or shop at Fredericks of Hollywood for a non-period look.
Truly Victorian's corset looks good as well and I may buy their 1885 Curiass Bodice pattern instead of making a mess with a very old and delicate piece of clothing.  Look at how similar they are!  And the sizing will be closer to mine!  This is the lazy way out, of course, so I'll have to mull it over.  (And it's 1885?  My analysis was pretty darn solid!)

For Comparison:

Truly Victorian Cuirass Bodice...check out the top one!
Mystery Monday Jacket