Friday, January 28, 2011

Burning Wheel Drawings 1

Around New Year's, I started playing a Burning Wheel campaign with Fix and a few other people.  Especially when I'm paying attention, I can't sit still for four or five hours without drawing anything.

This is where the Player Characters are from-- Serrenfael Keep in Korrin lands.

Serrenfael Keep and the Nearby Town 

This is the character I play, Enna.  She needed to get finery for Summer Court, made a bad roll, and ended up with awkward frumpy old lady clothes. The text means that my clothes would be an additional obstacle to a related challenge-- being taken seriously, for example.

Less Fashionable at Summer Court 

Here are some fashionable ladies at Summer Court.

The Fashionable at Summer Court

I've got more drawings in the wings (and we play every couple of weeks) so stay tuned for more!