Wednesday, November 17, 2010

NaNoWriMo Day 17

Word Count: 53,967
 53,965 if you don't included "The End," but I think it's important.

 Good things in my life:

Where I work most of the time.
Fresh flowers, the sturdy laptop that got me through NaNo and my Senior Essay AND directing Macbeth, a glass of cold water, a good audio book, and knitting at hand.  Not pictured: the red couch.

By Christmas?

In the knitting bag.  I WILL finish them.  I just hope it'll be in time for Christmas.  Since starting, so many other projects have slipped ahead in the lineup!  I'm working on the Phat Quarter Swap cross-stitch, which is very time-consuming, so knitting has become my break from cross-stitch.

3.Cornelia Secunda sat up, incredulous, and looked at her aunt.  Livia Catellus smiled with half of her mouth, cleared her throat and said in an undertone, "but let's not be in need of another disaster to redeem ourselves, yes, Cornelia?"
Livia Catellus kissed her forehead in blessing and thanks, handed Cornelia Secunda a wet cloth from the bowl beside the bed to wash the dust off of her face, and closed the door silently behind her. 

The End