Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Update

How did my weekly goals go? 

1. Decide what I'm going to be for Halloween
Check.  Water Nymph...or Cute Swamp Thing.  I was a flake and didn't get any photos of it.  I like the in-progress photo, though.

2. Finish Fix's Halloween costume and start AND finish mine.
Also Check.  I couldn't find white fabric with pink polka dots, so I painted some myself.

BONUS: helped a friend do her zombie costume...which won the party's costume contest.  I was a little disappointed that the costume I worked for a couple days on was beaten out by one that took about an hour, but hey, a costume I did is a costume I did even if it wasn't the one I was wearing it.

Zombie and Fozzie at the party.
And she did look amazing.  I'm sorry this photo doesn't show the bite marks. 

3. Apply to three temp agencies (this was also last week's goal)
Ha ha oops.  But I am going to a volunteer orientation at a local animal shelter this week!  

4. Prepare for NaNoWriMo
She's a Vestal Virgin, he's an enslaved sculptor.  Mt. Vesuvius might erupt.  They'll probably be in a carriage that gets stuck in a ditch at some point.

5. Memorize first bit of the Iliad. 
I printed it out... that's a start.

Overall, not too bad.  More Halloween photos coming up.