Monday, October 4, 2010

First Embroidery Projects

I found some of my first emboidery projects c. Fall 2009 and thought I'd share.

This pattern is from a "learn to embroider" book.  Until I got to the center of the flowers and got impatient (and didn't know how to do French Knots right yet) so I filled them with eyes instead. 

First Embroidery Project

And here's a cat in a fedora.  He's based on a doodle I really liked and wanted to replicate.  I'm a big doodler of cats with hats (and personalities).

Fedora Cat

I can't take credit for the delicate crochet border on the handkerchief, though. That was a late great aunt of a dear friend of mine.  Lady had some needlework skillz.

I like embroidered handkerchiefs because if you're crying already, it's a small comfort to be wiping your nose with something awesome.