Thursday, August 26, 2010

"You only exist if you tell people you're there."

I ran across an interview with author A. S. Byatt this morning that I wanted to share:

In it, she said a lot about modern technology and communication that I want to consider, and a couple quotes I'd like to share even if you don't watch the video.

"The word 'facebook' is very very interesting... because it means it's a mirror.  you're actually looking for a mirror, and you need a mirror because you haven't got a picture.  You need a mirror to tell you who you are."

"You only exist if you tell people you're there."

An epigraph (one of many) from her novel, Possession, has stuck with me since last summer:

Is love then more than the kick galvanic
And the thund'ring roar of Ash volcanic,
Belched from some crater of Earth-fire within?
Are we automata or angel-kin?

BONUS: A preview of what I sent in the Phat Quarter movies swap...

Sketched out.

Stay tuned for a full report soon!