Friday, August 6, 2010

Two Useful Projects

My project list gets longer and longer, but I'm working through it (mostly) in order of need.  Last week, I finished two very useful items: coasters and a clothespin holder.

I made the coasters out of an awesome but very small piece of woven fabric by cutting it to a little larger than the size I wanted and zig zag stitching about a quarter of an inch in from the edges.  I pulled whatever strands were unattached and trimmed everything up, and now I have colorful, textured coasters and don't have to use cardboard any more.  HOORAY!

(What happened to the earlier coasters?  Felting is an adventure, and I was getting tired of not getting it quite right.  That project is on hold for now, especially now that I don't need them any more.)

Clothes Pin Bag

The clothespin holder was originally a sleeve of Fix's that I upcycled* into a pouch with a little wrist strap.  I trimmed it down and sewed up the bottom while leaving the cuff open.  Useful.

*Is it just me, or is "upcycled" a really dumb word?