Monday, July 19, 2010

A Victorian Mystery

On our way home from a fun and busy weekend in Columbus, Fix and I stopped at the Heart of Ohio Antiques Center.  Neither of us had been to an antiques place before, so this was beyond overwhelming!

I found a skirt and jacket, sold as a set and labeled "Victorian" for a small enough sum that I dug up some great plans for them.

So I'd like to introduce a weekly feature on The Relaxolotl: Mystery Monday, in which I'll be exploring these pieces and learning all of their secrets.
Mystery Victorian Jacket
  • My first mission is to learn about these pieces: Were they worn together?  When were they made?  What are they made out of?
  • My second mission is to figure out how they were constructed and eventually deconstruct them myself.
but why take such beautiful old things apart?
  • My third mission is to use the pieces (especially if they were meant to be worn together) to make a pattern for a similar piece that will fit me for some (probably more Steampunk than historically-accurate) outfit.

    Mystery Victorian Skirt
    The skirt.

    fl6Here's what I know so far:
    They are both old.  The measurements are those of a very corseted figure, and the evidence of wear (and repair) shows that someone of that size did indeed wear these garments.  (How corseted?  The jacket fits me in the shoulders and bust, but is four or five inches too small in the waist and the skirt, while being long enough for a woman at least 5'6", has a 19.5" waist.  Here it is next to a sharpie for reference.)