Friday, July 9, 2010

"Our New Home Together"

Still making functional, homey things:

Coaster in Progress 

I finished this coaster today and I'll felt it anon during the Festival of St. Laundrityme.

Habits I have picked up from Shakespeare: using the word 'anon' when appropriate.  The legend and subsequent festival of St. Laundrityme, that must've been Chaucer or something.  Dickens perhaps?

Coasters are both good and useful. They are also classier than cardboard, books, laptops, or socks. Don't worry, Internet: the socks thing only happened once.

As much as I like Ohio so far (everyone is SO NICE and traffic is moderate) I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for my guy, Fix.  He just started his job here and I've known him a little over a year.  We're crazy about one another and if we weren't both so smart and thoughtful,* I'd say we're crazy in general for moving so fast.  But so far, so good.  Almost a month and many pieces of flat-pack furniture later, we're still interacting respectfully and lovingly.

It's a big step in life as well as in a relationship to move in with someone, especially since I moved directly from my parents' home to a dorm room nearby to eight or so hours away in friggin' Ohio. This is an important time to explore what home means to me, how I share my home with someone else, and what kinds of things I want out of my art and out of my life.  Also it is important to learn how to cook.

Feeding Yourselves 101: check expiration dates before buying packaged produce and milk.
Feeding Yourselves 102: check again before eating.

*I think it's important to make a distinction between the two.  
Meanwhile, we are also attractive, talented, hard-working, articulate, pleasant-smelling (unless we're impressively stinky), loyal, good dancers, and best of all: modest.