Friday, July 16, 2010

My Favorite Socks are Also My Least Favorite Socks

I haven't been knitting much since moving, but I wanted to share a project that is both a favorite and a less-than-favorite: my magic mirror socks.

mellow stripe magic mirror socks
(See more of these at Ravelry here.)

The striped yarn (Heart and Sole with Aloe in Mellow Stripe) is lovely yarn --both colors and feel--, and the (free) pattern was challenging, but not impossible and had great results!  It fits well and feels good, too.  The problem?  As you can see, when both the yarn and the pattern speak for themselves independently, when you put them together, the message is incomprehensible.

I wear them on special occasions (turning in my Senior Essay! first day of work!) and when I need a little extra confidence (turning in my Senior Essay!  first day of work!).  Even though they're rather awful from a design standpoint, they always make me smile.

Meanwhile, I'm also brainstorming what I'd like to do for the next Phat Quarter swap.  I've never done a swap before so I'm just hoping I won't commit any faux pas.

Come to think of it, I'm always hoping I won't commit any faux pas.

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