Monday, July 12, 2010

Delicious Earth Food for Humans

Remember the kiwano?

It's green on the inside.  Bright green.  Delicious earth food for humans, indeed.  It was tasty and entertaining, with a mild banana-kiwi flavor and the texture of cucumber seeds and jello.

Batik update: not very good, but not as gross as I'd anticipated.

Batik 1

Maybe a heavier cotton canvas wasn't the material to use, because I've ironed and ironed and scrubbed it in boiling-hot water and it won't soften up and stop feeling thoroughly waxed.  This is a bad thing if I still wanted to make it into a table runner, but it isn't a good size after all.

Batik 2 Here it is beside the napkins it was supposed to match.

On the plus side, the waxed canvas feels  cool and has many uses.  My glasses case is getting grungy, or I could make sturdy clutch purses out of it. (I hope it isn't too waxy for The Tank to handle!)